Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kimchi Pancake Recipe

If you are looking for a fuss-free meal, kimchi pancake is a quick fix. All you need is kimchi, flour, water.

(serves 2)


For kimchi pancake
1 cup Kimchi
3/4 cup plain flour
1/2 cup water (I used a mixture of kimchi water and tap water)
Pinch of salt
1 tsp sugar
Onion (optional)

For dipping sauce (optional)
1 tbsp soy sauce
0.5 tbsp white rice vinegar
0.5 tsp sugar
Sprinkle of chilli flakes and sesame seeds

1. Mix all ingredients together. The mixture should be sticky, with consistency of mayonnaise

2. Spread out in a heated non-stick pan drizzled with cooking oil. Cook till bottom is golden brown. This takes about 2-3 minutes depending on how big your fire is. Flip over and cook for another minute. Once both sides are brown, the pancakes are ready to be served

3. Mix all ingredients for dipping sauce together and serve with pancake.

Kimchi Pancake

Cook pancake on a small fire to allow the pancake to cook evenly. Do not flip the pancake too early as that will cause the pancake to break

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