Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Apple Cream Cheese Cupcake Recipe

It's one of those lazy days where I didn't have a particular recipe I wanted to try out and neither was I craving for something specific. But I do know I have an odd block of cream cheese lying around in my fridge and basic cake ingredients on hand so...

VoilĂ  - apple cream cheese cupcake. I tried this recipe from here by Debbie Teoh. The texture of this cupcake is moist and dense due to the addition of cream cheese. The tartness of chopped Granny Smith apples balances the sweetness of this cake.

For simplicity, I omitted the frosting. For the cupcake, I omitted lemon juice and bran flakes. My cakes were  also a tad fair - I couldn't get them to brown as nicely as it looks in hungrygowhere.

Taste wise, it reminded me of Chinese steamed cakes or Huat Kueh. The cakes had an interestingly texture, dense and almost fudgy due to the cream cheese.

Definitely a nice sweet snack to accompany freshly brewed tea.

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