Sunday, January 5, 2014

Matcha Azuki (Green Tea Red Bean) Chiffon Cake Recipe

First post of 2014! Ok, not exactly as this post has been on backlog for about a month. I haven't been that busy, especially towards the end of 2013 - I am merely a procrastinator. If you check out my Instagram account, (@themoodkitchen or #themoodkitchen) and you will see I am still diligently baking and cooking away. Fret not, the recipes will come! (soon enough... :P)

Before I launch into the post proper, I would like to wish all readers a very happy 2014!

A new year, bringing forth not necessarily new beginnings, but a continuation of never-ending challenges. May we all surmount each and every one of them with great courage and success.

The beginning of a new year often calls for new resolutions. I don't believe in resolutions because I hardly ever stick to them. Maybe it is about being more realistic and less ambitious - either ways, I'm not fond of setting a list of resolutions at the beginning of each year and frown at that exact same list every year-end.

That said, I am in a bit of mind-boogle now, trying to figure out what I want to do and what I can do. This nasty conundrum is making me confused and I really hope that I can figure out these unknowns very soon.

Fingers crossed.


3 egg yolks
20g fine white sugar
45g non-flavoured oil (I used Canola oil)
50g fresh milk (I used low-fat, high cal Magonlia milk)
6g matcha/green tea powder
70g cake flour
50g cooked sweetened red bean

3 egg whites
50g fine white sugar
1/4 teaspoon of cream of tartar/lemon juice (optional)

Follow the instructions for my coffee chiffon cake.

I omitted baking powder and baking soda as a chiffon cake can rise nicely without them.

Main steps summarised as follows:
For egg yolk batter, start by beating egg yolks and sugar till thick. Mix in milk and oil. Sieve in green tea powder with cake flour, mix well and leave aside.

For egg whites, beat egg whites till frothy and add in cream of tartar. Continue to beat, adding sugar gradually till stiff peaks form.

Fold egg white batter into egg yolk batter in 3 portions. Pour into tin in three batches, scattering in sweetened cooked red bean in between. Bake at 170 degrees for 50 mins - 1 hour (depending on your oven).

Leave to cool overturned. Once cool, unmould, cut and serve.

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