Saturday, June 29, 2013

Molten Chocolate (Lava) Cake Recipe

Contrary to popular belief, molten chocolate cakes or lava cakes are easy desserts which can be put together quickly. The key towards making this dessert is using good quality chocolate and sticking to the baking time. The idea is to underbake the chocolate cake such that the middle of the cakes still remain liquid and soft. However, even if you did overbake your cakes, you will still get a delicious moist chocolate cake. It really is a dessert which you can't go wrong.

The fool-proof recipe I am using comes from Noobcook.

Ingredients and Method
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You can use milk chocolate if you are not a fan of dark chocolate. If using milk chocolate, you can reduce the amount of sugar used as milk chocolate tends to be sweeter.

The cakes are done when the middles look sunken in and the tops are dry.

Remember to butter the ramekins thoroughly and generously before use. This will ensure that the cakes do not stick to the sides and break apart when you can remove them from the mould.

To remove the cake from the mould, you can invert the plate and cover the mould. Hold both the ramekin and plate close together and flip them over. Your cake will sit nicely onto your plate.

You can prepare the batter ahead of time and pop them into the preheated oven minutes before you intend to serve them. Molten chocolate cakes should be served warm and they go very well with vanilla ice cream.

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