Tuesday, July 18, 2017

WSQ Certificate in Pastry and Bakery - Practical #1

I have recently started my part-time courses WSQ Certificate in Pastry and Bakery and had my first practical class - chocolate sponge cake with chocolate ganache.

In Shatec, students work in professional kitchens, and fortunately for the bakers, we get air-conditioned kitchens.

Kitchen work is never glamourous though. We are always on our feet and constantly shuffling around to make sure the ingredients are collected, the cakes are in the oven, the ganache is cooling and that our cake pans, spatulas, etc. are washed and clean.

Students are also required to have a basic set of baking tools which includes a heat-resistant spatula, pastry brush, angled spatula, apron, pairing knife, and dough cutter.

Unofficially, we are told to bring our own sieve, measuring boxes, table cloths, and any other equipment as told by your Chef.

The easiest thing to do is to throw everything into a giant bag and lug with you every class, lest you forget anything.

Today's recipe consist of two parts:
  • Sponge cake: Eggs, sugar, flour, cocoa powder and butter
  • Chocolate ganache: 58% chocolate and whipping cream
It's a basic combination but as they say, the easiest stuff are the easiest to screw up. If your sponge is hard, it's hard - no other way to hide that.

The key is not to over-fold, but don't under-fold either. It's really hard to describe, but with practice, it's a lot easier to identify the stage where it is just perfect.

I can't share any pictures due to rules of the school but you can check out the completed product on my instagram page, @themoodkitchen.

Till next class, Strawberry Vanilla Swiss Roll!

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