Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to make a piping bag

As much as I love baking, I am cautious when it comes to expenses. I am always willing to spend more on higher quality ingredients as they go into making pastries which my family and friends eat. However, I try to control my other more superficial urges for baking items which I do not use often, e.g. a piping bag.

It is easy to make your own piping bag - just use a plastic bag or baking paper. I recommend using a plastic bag as you can secure the sides easily with tape. Some baking/wax paper might be tricky as tape will not hold and you have to use staples. The illustrated steps below are doing using a sheet of baking paper as it is clearer in pictures. You don't need to be an origami master - 5 steps are all you need!


1. Start with a rectangular piece of paper. If using a plastic bag, cut it and lay it out flat.

2. Bring the bottom right edge of the paper towards the top left corner. The idea is to create a triangle as seen below

3. Fold in the remaining flap on the left. Secure with tape.

4. Flip the whole bag and you will notice a small triangle flap at the corner. Fold that in and secure with tape.

5. Using a sharp scissors, cut of the tip. It should be big enough to fit your piping tip.


  1. Instead of using a tape, I was asked in a baking class to fold our DIY piping bags in a way that it can fold by itself on its edge... You know what??? I never get it right. Tape is better :p

    1. Yes indeed! I came across a few in some baking books and I don't get it after staring at the pictures for some time. Being able to make an usable piping bag is the limit to my origami skills :p

  2. where do you get the metal thingy? ��

    1. Hi Reb, the metal part is the piping tip. You can buy them in baking stores. Common brands include Wilton and Ateco. Featured in this pic is Wilton 1M tip. Hope this helps!


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